Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Moving Quote

Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Moving Quote

We suggest that you consider the following elements when requesting a Moving quote. Because mistakes can lead to lost or damaged items, furniture replacements, fines for documents not in order, failure to request occupation of public land, and many other things, the list could go on.

The first rule of thumb is to not rely on luck. It is important to hire the right professionals, those who can provide a high-quality service to their clients. This will help you avoid having to pay for poorly managed and rough-run removals.

After you have identified a reliable, serious and competent company, it is necessary to request a quotation for the move. While packing a mirror it’s important to know how to pack mirror for moving.

You also need to assess the presence of certain elements in the document to ensure that the company and its assets are protected against any claims or unforeseen requests.


It is important to consider the type of insurance you want to purchase to reduce the risk of moving.

A classic quote to move usually includes simple vector insurance. This provides coverage for only damage to furniture and personal items, but only while the vehicle is being transported.

Other types of damage, such as injuries from fire or theft, are not covered. It is also a good idea to get a  policy, which covers third-party liability, to cover such damages, especially if you are moving fragile or valuable items.

Stolen items or furniture stolen

It is important to note that furniture stored in storage may be stolen during transport. Because not all moving companies have access to a secure warehouse, this could occur.

Some movers may rely on unreliable partners or leave furniture unattended. It is always a good idea to ask questions, verify the destination and find out the exact location of the warehouse.

Time management

The moving estimate should be used to determine and clarify the details relating to the management of timing, even if it is assumed that the move will be short. Another important thing is to know how much does pod storage cost these days.

Customers often complain about the late delivery or arrival of the movers several weeks after the agreed date. Respecting deadlines is a must for any moving company. It is synonymous with reliability and seriousness.

Request authorization

You must comply with all authorizations required for your move. Not only must authorization be obtained when moving in a main street or square, but also when it takes place in the country or suburbs.

he municipality of relevance must issue this authorization. It allows you to park your vehicles in peace so that you can manage loading and unloading.

Additionally, for movers to be able to transit in restricted traffic zones, they must have an access permit. High fines can be avoided by ensuring that all necessary documentation is included in the moving quotation.

These are the most important aspects to be clear about to make your move smooth and avoid unpleasant situations. Before you choose a company to handle your move, make sure to consider all of these aspects.


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