10 Best wedding ideas in 2023

10 Best wedding ideas in 2023

Weddings in India are a very sacred institution and the meeting of two families. A wedding calls for a grand celebration for the people of our country. There are people who like grand weddings and then there are people who keep the wedding celebration simple and sober. In Gurgaon, there are many wedding venues that offer prices of all range for the celebration of wedding. Although Gurgaon is a costly place, the standard of living is very high, but there are cheap banquet halls in Gurgaon as well, which people can opt for weddings and also for destination weddings. 

Things that should be a must in weddings, that you can do in Cheap banquet halls to make the wedding memorable:

A wedding ceremony: Of course, the wedding ceremony should be done nicely. The main event is the wedding ceremony which should be filled with grandeur. If the marriage is taking place not in religious terms, then it should be short, simple and meaningful, where the couples share their words, vows, and respect for each other. 

A comfortable environment for guests: Guests form the elements that are needed in the wedding, if you are inviting people, you should also ensure their safety and comfort. A comfortable environment means that the guests can be safe, feel at ease like home and meet their basic needs when they are invited for a stay in a wedding banquet. A person should look for comfort needed by the guests like arrangements for hot and cold situations should be done, like proper accommodation of guests, fans, heaters, rooms etc. 

Food and Refreshments: If you are inviting people for weddings, you must ensure that all your guests are fed properly and don’t leave hungry or thirsty. They should enjoy and celebrate along with you. 

Organized Seating: To ensure proper management, so that every guest could witness the wedding ceremony and take part in the celebration, comfort and order should be made and organized so that every guest could enjoy the wedding in an organized manner. You should take note of the tables and chairs and the number of people you can accommodate in your banquet. 

Entertainment: The wedding calls for entertainment with music and dance. To keep your guests in tune with the wedding, background music or orchestra can be arranged. Weddings should also be fun, there should be some jokes, fun etc. near the wedding reception to keep your guests entertained. 

These are the basic things that one can do for a wedding. Apart from these, there are certain things that one can omit to make fun of their wedding but also affordable. Here are certain things that you may not do but still you can have an amazing wedding celebration at cheap banquets at reasonable price:

  • Easier invitation of guests- you don’t have to do a grand thing to invite guests. With electronic mail or with a beautiful video of the couples, you can invite guests through chats, or through the mail, cute text messages etc. This will save you the cost of printing cards and making it a more complex and time-consuming process. 
  • You don’t need to have a dessert table or cake-cutting ceremony on a wedding day. 
  • One can make their bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls, needed in a bridal shower as optional to make it a reasonable wedding ceremony. 
  • You don’t need loads of flowers, nowadays artificial flowers can be used for decoration, which saves money and time. 
  • You can cut short your wedding expenses by not doing enough expensive décor,  rather doing a simple and sober wedding décor which is also grand and of less hassle. 

Here are the  names of the wedding venues in Gurgaon that are cheap:

  • GIC Banquet hall –  The banquet hall is beautiful, spacious and perfect for people who want to have an organized wedding with fewer guests. The venue offers affordable prices for weddings. This hall also provides good services along with excellent food. The staff is friendly and cooperative. 
  • Star Banquets- The hall is not large enough but is spacious and can accommodate few guests. The staff provides good care and hospitality. 
  • Divine hotel-  The hotel is beautiful along with an outstanding ambience. The hotel is large and spacious along with a wide hall to carry out the events of the wedding. 
  • Murli wala Banquet hall- This hall is perfect for weddings and is spacious and large. The interior of this hall is outstanding. 
  • Casabella Garden- This venue is amazing, the hall is spacious and has both indoor and outdoor decorated areas to host weddings. They also offer delicious food of various types for the guests to enjoy. 
  • Bliss premiere- This hall is a very spacious wedding venue that can accommodate large number of guests. They also offer finger-licking delicacies. 

Conclusion: These are the wedding venues that a person should consider for their wedding, if they are residing in Gurgaon or any other part of the world for an affordable wedding or destination wedding. 





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